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Cleansing & Detoxification 
   Proper elimination of toxins is essential to good health. The digestive system does an incredible job of eliminating toxins, however, in today's modern world the average person is exposed to an increasing variety of toxins, from the air we breath to the food we eat. Over time this increase in toxins starts to slow down, or overburden the digestive system causing a wide variety of health conditions, many seemingly unassociated with the digestive system. Regaining digestive health can be a difficult challenge requiring changes in diet and lifestyle. Our cleansing and detoxification products were formulated to be complete, effective and simple. 

Green PWRx Capsules  
Green PWRx Capsules
Item# 61029
150 Capsules 
natural Super Green Foods in Capsule form 
Water & Land - Based Super Green Food 
   An amazing Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Green Super Food with all-natural ingredients and no fillers. Green PWRx in Capsules is a highly advanced superfood that goes beyond juice, plus it contains a select group of all-natural, pure green ingredients in a convenient capsule.
Liver DTXr  
Liver DTX
Item# 61232
90 Capsules 
Liver Detoxifcation & Para DFNz + CLNz Formula 
Contains lipotropic factors that support fat metabolism and other nutrients to support liver function 
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Liver DTXr is one of the most potent Liver formulas available. Liver DTXr contains a synergistic blend of biologically-active ingredients to support healthy Liver function. Liver DTXr is for those seeking to detoxify and cleanse the liver, thereby improving and restoring normal function to the liver and improving overall systemic health.
Systemic EnZymes  
Systemic EnZymes
Item# 61009
90 Capsules 
A Whole Body Enzyme Complex 
Promotes Cardiovascular, Immune, Joint and Total Body Health 
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Systemic EnZymes a Scientifically Advanced Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement with more of the most scientifically substantiated protease complexes that support the functions associated with systemic enzymes.
Lung CLNz  
Lung CLNz
Item# 61509
90 capsules 
Targeted Lung Support 
The highest quality dedicated Lung cleanser 
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Lung CLNz™ contains important nutrient factors composed of a synergistic blend of biologically active ingredients to support the function of our body's Lungs.
Lymph CLNz  
Lymph CLNz
Item# 61510
90 capsules 
Targeted Lymph Support 
Immune support to cleanse the lymph system 
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Lymph CLNz is a cleanser created with broad beneficial potential to cleanse and tonify the lymph system.
Uri.Sys. Ass't  
Urinary System PWRx (Uri.Sys. Asst)
Item# 61212
90 capsules 
Supports Bladder, Urinary Tract & Kidney Function 
A Vitamin, Amino Acid, Herb and Mineral Formula 
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Urinary Systems MGRx™ is a multidimensional formula containing vitamin, aminos, herbs and minerals to support the urinary system organs and help maintain the body’s delicate fluid and mineral balance controlled by the kidneys.
Colon CLNZ  
Colon CLNZ
Item# 61329
120 Capsules 
A Colon Cleanze, Detoxifier and Bowel Regulator Formula 
For a Strong, Healthy Gastrointestinal System  
   Colon CLNZ is the ultimate Professional Grade, Clinical Strengthe colon cleanse and detoxification formula. It's combination of synergistic ingredients supports the comfort, function, microflora balance, integrity, tone, and cellular health of the gastrointestinal tract.

Urinary System PWRx (Uri.Sys. Asst)
Urinary System PWRx (Uri.Sys. Asst) 212 49135
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