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   ‘Free Radical’ scavengers are broadly called ‘Antioxidants’. In the ‘Free Radical’ theory of the aging process, without ‘Antioxidants’ the body ages quicker then it's chronological age, reactive-oxygen-species-induced mutations of mitochondrial DNA accumulate and damage cellular integrity causing premature cellular death.
    More important then “is my ORAC bigger then your ORAC”, is the role of an ‘Antioxidant’ to be located where the ‘Free Radical’ is at the same time. Since exogenous ‘Antioxidants’ in the body come from a wide spectrum of nutrients, it becomes equally important that the base nutrient of the ‘Antioxidant’ fulfills a required ‘Nutritional’ role after fulfilling it's ‘Antioxidant’ role.
    In addition to our famous broad spectrum 'Antioxidant' formula Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant, we have a full line of organ specific 'Antioxidant' dietary supplements. Each one addresses and supports the specific dietary health needs of a particular body area or organ system.  

Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant  
Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant
Item# 61001
90 Capsules 
with 150 mg of Grape Seeds Extract 
Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidants 
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant is the most powerful, comprehensive, and technically sophisticated systemic (whole body) antioxidant supplement.   The specific balance of bioavailable ingredients in Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant were designed to deliver to the body the best broad spectrum of antioxidant protection, while promoting healthy cell function.
Mito Cardia CVS  
Mito Cardio CVS
Item# 61351
90 capsules 
with Lipoic Acid & Acetyl-L-Carnitine 
Energize and Nourish the Mitochondria 
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Mito Cardia CVS™ is formulated to provide the body proper with extra support for our cells, tissues and all organ systems of our cardiovascular system and the rest of the body. Mind, body, and cellular health can all begin in the mitochondria.
Vision PWRx  
Vision PWRx
Item# 61115
90 Capsules 
with 6 mg of Lutein in every capsule  
Anti-Oxidant Based Vision Support 
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Vision PWRx delivers the best antioxidants and specifically-targeted ocular nutrients for the support of eye health and visual acuity. Every capsule contains potent ingredients chosen based on the current and best scientific research and knowledge on eye health.

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