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Welltrients®   Where Wellness & Nutrients come together.
     These Welltrient® foods and supplements are the highest quality nutritional formulas available, following globally diverse and time honored herbal traditions, while incorporating the latest scientific and nutritional research. Welltrients® are superior in strength, effectiveness and synergy. These are better then the common consumer grade type products generally available to the public. The Welltrients® products are designed for both the astute health conscious individual and the professional health care practitioner. This coordinated group of multi-welltrient products have a special emphasis on nutrient effectiveness and symbiotic relationships. Individual Welltrient® redundancy is avoided, maintaining cost effectiveness and encouraging regime compliance.
Colon CLNr #61010 10
Colon CLNR    [Colon Formula #1]  
  Professional Grade
Clinical Strength 
Nutritional Supplements

   The Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Colon CLNR [ Colon Formula# 1 ] is the ultimate ‘colon activator’ and ‘colon corrective’ formula, that supports the comfort, function, microflora balance, integrity, tone, cellular health and detoxification of the gastrointestinal tract.

Colon Formula# 1 
   The Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Colon CLNR [ Colon Formula# 1 ] is the best ‘Colon Corrective’, ‘Colon Activator’ and a ‘Bowel Regulator’ formula with mild ‘Intestinal Detoxifier’ action. Colon CLNR [ Colon Formula# 1 ] is a complete intestinal support product for both short and long term maintenance for a healthy gastrointestinal system.†††

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Are things clean inside?
    The things that can lurk in an unclean colon are truly staggering. Over the time unwanted materials can build up in your system from environmental toxins, unhealthy waste substances and improper eating habits. Slow infrequent bowel movements may cause fatigue, bloating and overall sluggish feeling. Sometimes our body needs help to cleanse and detoxify the body of accumulated toxins, parasites and other causes of ill health.
About the Colon: 
    The word “colon” is sometimes generically used as a synonym for the entire intestinal system. The “Colon” is a part of the intestines, referred to as the large intestine or large bowel that makes up the lower end of the digestive tract. The colon extends only from the cecum, where the appendix is located, to the rectum. The colon is divided into ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid sections. The colon is a muscular tube, approximately five feet long and two-and-a-half inches in diameter. A healthy colon has uniform size and tone.
    The Colon plays a major role in the digestive process during the final assimilation of our food and absorbing some vitamins, such as vitamin K. The colon's other functions include the reclaiming water from partially digested foods and absorption of water into the body proper helping to maintain the water balance in the body. The Colon stores waste for the eventual the discharge of digestive residues and waste from our body.
    We experience better health and well-being when the colon is clean and functioning optimally. When the colon is congested with stagnant wastes, poisons back up into our system and pollute the inner environment. This is called autointoxication, which literally means "self-poisoning."
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