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Cal Mag Complete #61032 32
150 Capsules
Item# 61032-1
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Cal Mag Complete   
  Professional Grade
Clinical Strength 
Nutritional Supplements

    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Cal Mag™ is a mineral formula designed to support the body’s needs for calcium, magnesium, vitamin K-2(Menaquinone-7), vitamin D3, and over 70 trace minerals. Cal Mag™ contains 1200 mg of elemental calcium from 3000 mg of clean, underwater coral, rich in important bioavailable trace minerals.
Includes the Best Macro & Micro Minerals with Supporting Nutrients Cofactors
   The biologically active macro minerals include: calcium from coral, sulfur-rich MSM (methysulfonymethane), potassium citrate, amino-chelated minerals (magnesium & copper glycinate, zinc monomethionine, boron, and manganese) plus land and sea plant-derived trace minerals. Included are the important cofactors of vitamin C and vitamin D3.
• Coral calcium• Magnesium Glycinate
• MSM (methysulfonymethane)• Potassium Citrate
• Zinc Monomethionine• Copper Glycinate
• Vitamin K-2(Menaquinone-7)• Strontium
• Mineral Bound Vitamin C• Vitamin D3
• Plus 70+ Land based Plant Derived Trace Mineralts…
• Plus Sea based Trace Minerals from Coral…
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