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Flora MGRx #61008 8
90 Capsules
Item# 61008-1
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Flora MGRx   
  Professional Grade
Clinical Strength 
Nutritional Supplements

    The Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Flora MGRx is a proprietary probiotic formula blended to support healthy Digestive and Gastrointestinal functions for the ideal absorption and utilization of gut nutrients. Flora MGRx includes important, gut-beneficial organisms (probiotic bacteria) necessary for the promotion of healthy gut (colon) function and improved immune functions.
A Complete Panel of 15 Important Probiotic Strains
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Flora MGRx provides a complete, potent panel of 15 different important probiotic strains. With both friendly resident and fast-colonizing transit strains (both the Lactobacillaceae and the Bifidobacteriaceae families), each offer their own unique health benefit. ††
Re-establish a Healthy Balance of Beneficial Intestinal Flora
   To help re-establish a healthy balance of beneficial intestinal flora, Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Flora MGRx provides a host of the 15 most potent probiotic strains containing both fast-colonizing transit and resident strains. The probiotics in Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Flora MGRx features a superior proprietary blend of 11 billion count of colony-forming units (CFU's) in each capsule. †††
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