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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional support...
About Us
      The Welltrients for Life™ professional grade, clinical strength, products are recommended by professional health care practitioners who desire the best.   The professional grade, clinical strength dietary supplements are designed to be far superior to the consumer grade products generally available to the public.  

      Any health conscious individual may obtain the Welltrients for Life products directly from us by using the referral code provided by the authorized practitioner. Don't have a code, no problem we go ahead open an account, order what you need, we will help you find a professional.   Welltrients is where wellness & nutrients come together and your good health is never compromised.

      Welltrients for Life products are designed for the professional health care practitioner based on more then 25 years of formulation experience by our head formulator, DrBill, working in close association with an advisory board of health and scientific consultants with extensive clinical experience in nutritional science.   The coordinated group of multiwelltrient products with a focus on clinical applications forms the core of the Welltrients for Life product line with special emphasis on maintaining both cost-effectiveness, avoiding a welltrient redundancy while encouraging regime compliance.  

        Welltrients for Life, Inc. produces professional grade, clinical strength nutritional supplements and therapeutic grade essential oil formulations. The Welltrients for Life products are offered through health care practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, physicians and other complimentary and alternative disciplines as well as direct to the directed astute health conscious individuals.  

      At Welltrients for Life we understand that it is of vital importance that we maintain our health. Our health contributes to a higher quality of life.   Welltrients for Life is a "STATE OF THE ART" nutritional wellness company! Welltrients for Life™ offers you this lifestyle through a combination of herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals.   All products are chosen with you, the health conscious consumer in mind.   Our product formulations are based on the over 30 years of nutritional experience of who works with the finest products and ingredients to develop the best nutritional supplements available.   At Welltrients for Life™ we understand that it is of vital importance that we maintain our health. Our health contributes to a higher quality of life.

    At Welltrients for Life™, we believe in the power of nature to heal and we have developed incredible revolutionary products that support overall health and well-being.   Welltrients for Life™ continues to be "the First with the Best," while providing scientifically advanced products to improve the health and wellness of people.   Thousands of people have benefited from the nutritional strategies that we have developed at Welltrients for Life™.   Welltrients for Life™ products reflect our commitment to the highest quality, service and customer satisfaction, backed by a 100% guarantee.

Mission Statement
      At Welltrients for Life, we are devoted to providing the highest quality nutritional formulas by following time honored herbal traditions, while incorporating the latest scientific and nutritional research.  
    Welltrients for Life superior quality formulations are focused to supercharge your energy, vitality and well-being.   Our products are made with superior-quality and contain purely sourced materials. And because we believe in sustainable biodynamic gardening and farming, we support the utilization of those locally grown energized ingredients first.
    Welltrients for Life™ never compromise for quality when it comes to manufacturing the finest nutritional formulas, which are designed by one of the world's leading authorities on health and nutrition.
    Welltrients for Life™ design and distribute the purest and most bioavailable nutritional supplements to meet the needs of health care professionals and nutritionally aware individuals.
    Welltrients for Life™ is engaged in all aspects of product design, materials specification, and distribution.   We offer low prices for the highest-quality products, competent customer service, and excellent technical support.

About Us
      At Welltrients for Life we believe in the power of natural, healthy living, and have a personal commitment to learning more about nutrition, supplementation and alternative health. We believe in sustainable biodynamic gardening and farming and support the utilization of those energized ingredients first. At Welltrients for Life we have an advisory board of health care professionals who verify that every product we offer you is one we can trust.  

Our Products - An Integrated Approach
      Welltrients for Life offers a wide range of original formulations by DrBill supported with the colaboration from the other scientific board members.   The Welltrients for Life dietary supplements are a carefully designed to maximize the synergism between nutrients. Each multi-nutrient formula coordinates with our Vita One Complete™ (our comprehensive, high-potency multiple vitamin/mineral supplement), creating an integrated approach to dietary supplementation.

      These products are created to offer health conscious consumers the option of a single convenient powerful formula of nutrients, combined in the proper dosages, to address specific health concerns. Now we can replace an entire supplement regimen with one cost-effective nutraceutical approach. Formulations are available to address obesity, vision, emotional health, brain function, joint health, and more.

Shipping Costs
      At Welltrients for Life, ship most orders ground via carriers such as UPS, USPS, or FedX, prearranged shipping methods may also be available an additional fee may apply.   We have within the United States a flat rate shipping & handling fee of only $8.00 per order on most orders, no matter how large or small the order.   Most orders received by 11:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST) are shipped the same day.   At Welltrients for Life, we also ship to international locations.  
      If you would like to overnight your order or change your shipping method for a small additional charge please call 1-702-940-9693. Most orders are shipped the same day, provided that items ordered are in stock. You may place your international order online or by phone at 702-940-9693.

Customer Service
      A friendly, knowledgeable Welltrients for Life customer service representative is just a click or a phone call away. Simply go to our online Customer Service Center or call 1-702-940-9693 during our convenient hours (8am - 4pm PST (Monday - Thursday) and 8am - 3pm PST (Friday). You may check the status of your order, ask questions about products, or sign up for one of our online newsletters.  

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
      Every product Welltrients for Life offers is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may return the unused portion of any product for a refund with less applicable restocking and shipping costs.  

Join Our Physician's Discount & Reseller Network
      Welltrients for Life is the nation's premier source of Welltrients®.
If you own or manage a professional health care practice and carry or would like to carry health products, you may apply to join our professional reseller network.
If you are interested in referring Welltrients for Life™ products to your patients you can learn more about our physician discount program and start earning extra revenue on your product sales in your practice! To receive more information about:
  • Our exclusive Physician's Reference Guide, knowtrient database and welltrient guides.
  • Our Physician Discount Program
  • Our Physician's Reseller Network
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          Supported by television, print, radio, internet, and direct mail advertising, your patients, clients and customers already seek out Welltrients for Life products by name. Carrying our products will help you meet that demand and enable you to provide the highest quality Welltrient® products. And our program enables you to purchase our products for resale at a price and convenience that will profit you as well.

    Private, Safe and Secure
          Your safety, security and privacy are fully protected when you shop with Welltrients for Life.  

          At Welltrients for Life we are passionate about good health and take great pride in providing you with the highest quality health products at the lowest possible price.

    No Spam Guarantee
          Please note Welltrients for Life never rents, sells, or shares your email address with any third parties.   Customers who no longer wish to receive our newsletter and promotional communications may opt-out of receiving these communications by replying to these emails with "unsubscribe" in the subject line, or email us at unsubscribes@welltrientsforlife.com with "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Click here to review our entire Privacy Policy.

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