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Welltrients®   Where Wellness & Nutrients come together.
     These Welltrient® foods and supplements are the highest quality nutritional formulas available, following globally diverse and time honored herbal traditions, while incorporating the latest scientific and nutritional research. Welltrients® are superior in strength, effectiveness and synergy. These are better then the common consumer grade type products generally available to the public. The Welltrients® products are designed for both the astute health conscious individual and the professional health care practitioner. This coordinated group of multi-welltrient products have a special emphasis on nutrient effectiveness and symbiotic relationships. Individual Welltrient® redundancy is avoided, maintaining cost effectiveness and encouraging regime compliance.
Welltrient Whey #61021 21
Welltrient Whey®     
  Professional Grade
Clinical Strength 
Nutritional Supplements

   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Welltrient Whey® is a cold-micro-filtrated whey protein isolate with a fortified version of our Cal Mag Complete™ for additional minerals, vitamins, and electrolyte replacement. Whisked with a touch of natural vanilla flavor and stevia to make the best tasting all natural protein powder available

   A healthy weight control supplement for a busy lifestyle, Welltrient Whey® is a simple proactive way to assure the necessary proteins and electrolytes your body craves. Welltrient Whey® is like a gourmet, instant Super Slim NRG® shake with a delicious vanilla protein base.†††

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About our protein:
    The microfiltrated, cold-filtrated whey protein comes from a sweet dairy whey. The process is a procedure of separating the proteins through the use of micro filtering the mass all while using a cold or “chilled” process (environment), then sprayed dried in a non heat environment to preserve the undenatured proteins. Our whey protein is virtually fat free and lactose (sugar) free. The filters used to proccess our whey, extract the protein leaving behind the unwanted fat.
This Protein is very high in bioactive whey protein fractions, including immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and glycomacropeptides and a great whey protein for users who experience bloating and other problems associated with other protein concentrates. As well, users who want a higher protein percentage per product.
About Whey 
    Whey protein is the name for a collection of globular proteins isolated from whey. Whey is typically a mixture of beta-lactoglobulin (~65%), alpha-lactalbumin (~25%), and serum albumin (~8%), which are soluble in their native forms, independent of pH containing the highest Biological Value (BV) of any known protein.

Whey is one of the two ingredients that is separated from milk (the other is casein). When cheese is produced the milk is "curdled" the whey is separated from the curd (cottage cheese) which is predominantly casein. This sweet whey has an abundance of important amino acids in a liquified protein complex with a better protein profile than an egg. The dark side of this whey is that it contains the milk sugar lactose, fat and cholesterol.

Food scientist developed this method to separate the whey protein from the less desirable components of the mix, the trick was to have a pure whey based protein that was lactose and fat free. This was achieved through the processe of microfiltured, a physical process where the whey protein is sifted through tiny mesh filters, that separates the whey protein from the secondary ingredients. The next process is an ion exchange process, where proteins are extracted by taking advantage of the difference between their electronic charge and that of the remaining ingredients in the mix. This leaves a microfiltered whey is fat and lactose free and easy to digest.
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