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Digestive Trio #61047 47
Digestive Trio
Digest Aid™, Flora Complete™ and Colon CLNz 
Better Digestive Health and Regularity 
  Professional Grade
Clinical Strength 
Nutritional Supplements

   Digest Aid+™ is the highest quality digestive enzyme support supplement available. Digest Aid+™ is a dietary supplement formulated as part of the digestive team to assist your digestion and improve the assimilation of nutrients from food.
Flora Complete™ is a proprietary formula of 15 different strains of probiotic bacteria blended to support healthy digestive function imperative for ideal absorption and utilization of nutrients. Probiotics help to re-establish a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria flora in the intestine.
We experience better health and well-being when the colon is clean and functioning optimally.
Colon CLNz™ is an extra strength colon cleanser, formulated with selected natural herbs that exhibit cleansing and peristaltic action in the large intestine.
A clean healthy colon is essential for the elimination of toxins and waste from the body.

Included in The Digestive Trio™ 
   This Digestive Trio™ Welltrient Pak provides for a Basic Optimum Daily Digestive Regime.
Three Bottle set Contains 1 full size bottle of each:

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Three Bottle set 
   The maintenance of digestive health is important for all individuals. The Digestive Trio™ is a synergistic three-bottle set of Weltrients® designed to help us keep eating the foods we love. Four major concerns of digestion are:
  • Sufficient Digestive Enzymes
  • Strong and Plentiful Probioticcs
  • A Clean Colon
  • Optimal Transit Time

    A healthy digestive system is efficient in processing foods and nutrients. Most of the nutrients we ingest are changed in the body, into smaller molecules prior to being absorbed into the blood stream and delivered to our cells for nourishmnet and energy. The Digestive Welltrients are a group of welltrients that support the effient uptake (digestion) of the other dietary welltrients and elimination of waste in the digestive system.
Digestive Welltrients 
    Our body considers digestion a top priority over almost all other body processes, including energy production, immune and brain functions. Inside our abdomen resides the enteric nervous system (ENS) also known as our "Second Brain," that along with our internal enzymes and probiotic colonies, control our digestive efficiencies. The efficiency of our digestive tract is also dependent on the quality of the foods and welltrients ingested, the intestinal pH and the ability to eliminate waste is not in a timely manner.
Digestive Trio
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Digestive Trio
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