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Welltrient Catalog

Body RLF (90 Capsules) #61013 
A Multi-Dimensional Neuro Muscular Support Formula 
  Welltrients that target the underlying cause of pain and inflammation.
with 200 mg of MSM in every capsule.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Body RLF™ is a support formula that is there when you need it. In times of injury, stress, and/or inflammation Body RLF™ provides the support your body needs through its comprehensive formula of vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, and amino acids. 
Bowel MGRx (90 Capsules) #61328 
Probiotic Digestive formula for gastrointestinal absorption and utilization 
  11 billion probiotics supported by 250 mg l-Glutamine in every capsule.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Bowel MGRx is a probiotic formula blended to support a healthy Digestive and Gastrointestinal system. Bowel MGRx's probiotics (important, gut-beneficial organisms) maximize the absorption and utilization of gut nutrients. These gut nutrtirents and probiotics lead to the promotion of healthy colon and immune functions.  
C.A.L.M. MGRx (90 Capsules) #61123 
A Daytime Neuro-Amino Formula 
  Concentration, Attention, Learning & Mental-focus.
A balanced mind and a balanced body through proper support.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength CALM MGRx is the superior daytime blend of biologically-active cofactors aimed at assisting with Concentration, Attention, Learning, and Mental-focus. CALM MGRx utilizes amino acids, vitamins, roosts and minerals designed to assist with achieving mental stability and wellness. 
Cal Mag Complete (120 Capsules) #61032 
600 mg. of clean Coral [Calcium] in every capsule 
  Essential Welltrients for Bones, Muscles & Nerves.
Calcium, Magnesium, MSM (methysulfonymethane) and More.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Cal Mag™ is a highly absorbent Macro Mineral formulation designed to support the body's needs for minerals. Every capsule of Cal Mag™ contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, and over 70 trace minerals important to daily health. Macro minerals are vital to bone, muscle, and nerve health. Cal Mag™ contains each of its ingredients in the scientifically correct ratios to maximize absorption and use. 
CandidAss't (90 Capsules) #61108 
with over 15 billion probiotics per capsule 
  An Advanced Anti-Oxidant & Probiotic Complex.
Break Free from Candida, Fungus and Yeast.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength CandidAss't™ is recommended to those seeking to repopulate the body with a variety of aggressive resident and transient beneficial microorganisms. Balancing the bodies microorganisms is believed to improve the delicate balance of important, friendly flora.  
Colon CLNZ (120 Capsules) #61329 
A Colon Cleanze, Detoxifier and Bowel Regulator Formula 
  For a Strong, Healthy Gastrointestinal System .
Colon CLNZz Gently Cleanses and Refortifies the Digestive Tract..
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strengthe Colon CLNZ is the ultimate colon cleanse and detoxification formula. It's combination of synergistic ingredients supports the comfort, function, microflora balance, integrity, tone, and cellular health of the gastrointestinal tract. It has been said that "Death Begins in the Colon", so support yours now with Colon CLNZ.
    Waste matter in the Colon is highly toxic, that can suppress the immune system, causing gas, bloating and constipation and reduce dramatically the assimilation of nutrients while slowing the body's metabolism.
D.S.A. MGRx (90 Capsules) #61143 
60 mg of St. John’s Wort extract in every capsule 
  Depression, Stress, Anxiety.
A Daytime NeuroAmino Formula.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength DSA MGRx is recommended for individuals that suffer from neurotransmitter depletion due to Depression, Stress, Anxiety, or nervousness. DSA MGRx utilizes over a dozen biologically-active neuronutrients complement the bodies natural ability to rebalance the brain. DSA MGRx contains nutritional cofactors that play an important role in thought processes and mood regulation.  
Digest Aid+ Complete (90 Capsules) #61007 
Plant derived enzymes and resident probiotics 
  A Digestive Support Blend of EnZymes with Probiotics.
Be Free to Eat Your Favorite Foods.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Digest Aid® is the highest-quality digestive enzymesupplement available for the stomach and upper intestinal system. Digest Aid® is a natural,comprehensive multi-enzyme formula supporting our digestive system at mealtime, when you need it most.  
E.P.O. Select 500mg (180 Capsules) #61018 
Evening Primrose Seed Oil 
  GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) from pure Evening Primrose Oil. GLA is an Important EFA Complete Component.
Unique Vegetarian Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Source.
    Supplementing the diet with Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, E.P.O. Select™, provides the body directly with biologically active Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). Many people need more GLA and do NOT get enough GLA in their diet. Stress, poor diet, alcohol, advanced age, and disease all interfere with the bodys ability to make GLA, even when there is sufficient amount of Omega-6 oil in the diet.  

EnZyme PWRx Complete (90 Capsules) #61006 
A Digestive Enzyme Support Blend with Betaine HCl 
  plant derived enzymes with 100mg Betaine HCl .
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength EnZyme PWRx is a premier enzymatic formula to assist the digestive system. The Betaine HCI in every capsule sets Professional Grade, Clinical Strength EnZyme PWRx apart in quality and function. 
Flora MGRx (90 Capsules) #61008 
11 billion probiotics in each capsule  
  MicroBiome Gut Replenishment.
15 Different, Synergistic, and Important Probiotic Strains.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Flora MGRx provides a host of the 15 most potent probiotic strains including fast-colonizing transit and resident strains. Flora MGRx's strength comes from its potency with 11 billion count of colony-forming-units (CFU’s) in every capsule. The resident and fast-colonizing transit strain families (Lactobacillaceae and Bifidobacteriacea) within Flora MGRx each offer their own unique health benefit.  
Immune Sys.PWRx (90 capsules) #61352 
with Transfer Factor Nutrient Complex 
  Immune System Support Formula.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Immune System PWRx™ is an immune booster formula featuring powerful immune transfer factors.Immune System PWRx™'s biologically active and synergistic ingredients combine with these transfer factors to create the one of the most powerful immune formulas out there.  
Joint RLF (90 Capsules) #61119 
The Premier Joint and Connective Tissue Support Formula 
  Healthy Joints have No Pain.
Arthritis is not a ‘natural part of aging’.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Joint RLF™ is a joint-tissue support formula s formulated as a natural dietary supplement to support connective tissue and joint functions. Joint RLF™ provides the body both short-term nutrient support, addressing areas such as “pain and inflammation”, while feeding for the long-term nutrients for joint mobility and function. 
Liver DTXr (90 Capsules) #61232 
Liver Detoxifcation & Para DFNz + CLNz Formula 
  Contains lipotropic factors that support fat metabolism and other nutrients to support liver function.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Liver DTXr is one of the most potent Liver formulas available.Liver DTXr contains important herbs and nutrients that supports liver function and rejuvenate hepatic cells, enhance the production and release of toxic-laden bile from the liver. Liver MGRx™ provides the best known daily membrane Phase I and cytosol Phase II detoxification support for the liver and the other body's filtration systems. 
Liver MGRx (90 Capsules) #61131 
contains Antioxidants and Targeted Nutrients  
  An Enhanced Anti-Oxidant Formula for the Liver.
Promotes Optimal Liver Function & Enhances the natural Detoxification processes.
    The Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Liver MGRx™ provides the best known daily membrane Phase I and cytosol Phase II antioxidant and nutritional support for the liver and the other body's filtration systems.  
Lung CLNz (90 capsules) #61509 
Targeted Lung Support 
  The highest quality dedicated Lung cleanser.
Herbal Lung Support.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Lung CLNz is an effective herbal combination designed specifically for lung congestion forming from a host of issues. This product may break down the mucous and clear the bronchial area, including the chest, head and throat.
  • Clears Lung Heat and Inflammation
  • Cleanses and Purifies the Respiratory Tract
  • Opens the Chest
  • Liquefies and Expels Phlegm
  • Relieves Coughing, Sneezing and Wheezing
  • Resolves Fevers Set in Lungs
  • Promotes Healthy Lung Function
Lymph CLNz (90 capsules) #61510 
Targeted Lymph Support 
  Immune support to cleanse the lymph system.
Tonify the Lymph System.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Lymph CLNz is a cleanser created with broad beneficial potential to cleanse and tonify the lymph system. Lymph CLNz is a synergistic herbal combination formulated for maximum potency. 
Mito Cardia CVS (90 capsules) #61351 
with Lipoic Acid & Acetyl-L-Carnitine 
  Energize and Nourish the Mitochondria.
Mitochondria Health Supports Mind, Body and Cells.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Mito Cardia CVS™ is formulated to provide the body proper with extra support for our cells, tissues and all organ systems of our cardiovascular system and the rest of the body. Mind, body, and cellular health can all begin in the mitochondria.Mito Cardia CVS™, or Welltrient® Three, is part of our Welltrient Trio designed for daily Total Wellness. 

Neuro GFRx (90 capsules) #61163 
Concentration, Attention, Learning & Mental-focus 
  A Daytime NeuroAmino Formula.
Support Neurotransmitter Functions.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Neuro GFRxis a dietary, synergistic blend of more than a dozen amino acids and b-vitamins. These biologically-active cofactors enhance and complement the ability of the body to repair neurotransmitters and maintain neuroplasticity . These neurotransmitters are responsible for a variety of both mental and bodily functions-supporting them is key to Total Wellness.  
Nite MGRx (90 Capsules) #61002 
Nightly Antioxidant and Neuro-Replemishment  
  ComplexAmino Acids with Melatonin for Endocrine and Nervous Body System Support.
An H.G.H. Precursor and Recovery Formula.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Nite MGRx with Melatonin and Vitamin D3 is a night time support formula for neural support. Nite MGRx delivers a blend of important night time Amino Acids and herbs to support nightly neuro functions to support the achievement and maintenance of Total Wellness. 
Systemic EnZymes (90 Capsules) #61009 
A Whole Body Enzyme Complex 
  Promotes Cardiovascular, Immune, Joint and Total Body Health.
with Protease S and Nattokinase.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Systemic EnZymes a Scientifically Advanced Nutraceutical and Dietary Supplement with more of the most scientifically substantiated protease complexes that support the functions associated with systemic enzymes.  
Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant (90 Capsules) #61001 
with 150 mg of Grape Seeds Extract 
  Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidants.
An Anti-Aging Premium Daily Systemic Anti-Oxidant.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant is the most powerful, comprehensive, and technically sophisticated systemic (whole body) antioxidant supplement. Triple Strength Anti-Oxidant or Welltrient® Two, is one third of our Welltrient Trio, a trio of products designed for daily health. 
Uri.Sys. Ass't (90 capsules) #61212 
Supports Bladder, Urinary Tract & Kidney Function 
  A Vitamin, Amino Acid, Herb and Mineral Formula.
with D-Mannose & Cranberry extract.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Uri.Sys. Ass't™ is a multidimensional formula containing vitamin, aminos, herbs and minerals to support the urinary system organs and help maintain the body’s delicate fluid and mineral balance controlled by the kidneys. 
Vegan Protein Complete (1.20 lbs) #61121 
with a whisk of pure Vanilla 
  A Pure Vegan Complete Protein .
No Fluff - Just a Very Pure Tasty Protein - Vanilla.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Welltrient® Vegan Protein is a nutritious, bio-digestible, hypoallergenic, vegan protein powder, with a complete protein blended from rice, pea and hemp with no side effects.  
Vision PWRx (90 Capsules) #61115 
with 5 mg of Lutein in every capsule  
  Anti-Oxidant Based Vision Support.
For the Maintenance and Support of Ocular Health and Function.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Vision PWRx has been formulated with a highly concentrated vision-supportive nutrients, including standardized bilberry, eyebright, beta carotene, R-alpha lipoic acid, lycopene, Zeaxanthin and one of the most valuable of all nutrients for vision support “Lutein”.  
Welltrient Whey® (1.20 lbs) #61021 
with a whisk of pure Vanilla 
  Enhanced cold-micro-filtrated whey protein isolate.
A Revolutionary Weight Control Shake.
    Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Welltrient Whey® is a cold-micro-filtrated whey protein isolate with a fortified version of our Cal Mag Complete™ for additional minerals, vitamins, and electrolyte replacement. Whisked with a touch of natural vanilla flavor and stevia to make the best tasting all natural protein powder available 
Welltrients for Women® (90 Capsules) #61330 
supports a Hormonal Balance & Overall Health 
  Progest Ass't Formula.
 Female Support Formula .
    The Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Welltrients for Women is a comprehensive and technically sophisticated supplement containing key vital welltrients to support, enrich and protect the unique needs of an adult woman.  
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