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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease, but rather are dietary supplements intended solely for nutritional support...
  • Instructions for Clients using WelltrientsForLife.com
  • Visit welltrientsforlife.com
  • Put in your loginid number
    • If instructed ignore the password emailed to you, put loginid # for password
  • Once logged in, it should say “Welcome back” and your name in the top right corner.
  • In the top yellow and blue bar, it says “My health”. Click on it.
  • In the box on the left of the page, it says “Wellness Profiles”, click on it.
  • To see your regime, click on “Regime” to see your personal information.
  • To see list of nutrients, click on the “M” or “F” beside your name, this shows you’re the amount of nutrients you are receiving COMBINED.
    • Example: tells you how much vitamin D you are getting through all of your supplements combined
  • In the top yellow and blue bar, it says “News Room”. Click on this to view additional information on the nutrients and how they work.
  • In the top yellow and blue bar, click “Welltrients” to order products online.
  • To change address, go to “My account” in the yellow and blue bar
    • Click “View Change or Add Entries in Address book”
    • Click “update address”
  • Once the appropriate information is filled out, click “Update this New Address”
  • Once clicking back to “My Health” at the top, then clicking “My Regime”, you are welcome to edit your regime to match whatever supplements you are taking.

  • Instructions for Health Care Professionals Using welltrientsforlife.com
    • To add a new account for a client
    • Login with your ID (if not already logged in)
    • Click “My account” in the top left.
    • Click “New Account”
    • Fill in the needed information (if labeled with red, it is required)
    • Click “Add Account”
    • The LoginID and temporary password should show on the right
    • Go immediately to my account, this will take you directly to the new clients account
    • Top right corner should say Welcome Back with the Clients name
    • Click on “Change Account Password”
    • Put in necessary information (login and temporary password)
    • Make the new password the LoginID number
    • Should say your password is updated
    • Let the clients know that the password emailed to them is incorrect, and that it is actually just the LoginID number.
  • Click on “My Health” on the left of the screen
  • Click on “Me Regime”
  • Refresh or continue clicking “My Regime to find the box “Add New Profile”
    • Fill in the info required
    • Add the profile
    • The reason you add that profile is to be able to have the “Options” button available
    • Click “Options”
    • Then click “Give access to” and put YOUR OWN LoginID number
    • Click “Grant”. This gives you access to their regime from your own website
    • Make that profile Primary by clicking “Make Primary” under “Options
  • Under primary, click on “New Regime”
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