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Liver DTX™
OverAll Rating:  10 out of 10 points!  5 of 5 Stars!
  Date Added: 19 Nov 2008
    "It is amazing how well Liver DTXr worked to help clean out my liver. After two weeks of using it, I noticed I felt better and my body was definitely functioning better. I am really happy with this product."
Effectiveness Rating:  10 out of 10 points!  5 out of 5 Stars! 
Quality Rating:  10 out of 10 points!  5 out of 5 Stars! 
Satisfaction Rating:  10 out of 10 points!  5 out of 5 Stars! 
Value Rating:  10 out of 10 points!  5 out of 5 Stars! 
By: Donald L LA 
Liver DTX 3215 14572
OverAll Rating:
1 Star
5 out of 5 Stars!
Effectiveness Rating:
1 Star
5 out of 5 Stars!
Quality Rating:
1 Star
5 out of 5 Stars!
Satisfaction Rating:
1 Star
5 out of 5 Stars!
Value Rating:
1 Star
5 out of 5 Stars!

Liver DTX #61232 232
Liver DTXr     
  Professional Grade
Clinical Strength 
Nutritional Supplements

   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength Liver DTXr is one of the most potent Liver formulas available. Liver DTXr contains a synergistic blend of biologically-active ingredients to support healthy Liver function. Liver DTXr is for those seeking to detoxify and cleanse the liver, thereby improving and restoring normal function to the liver and improving overall systemic health.

Rejuvenate the Liver 
   Professional Grade, Clinical Strength, Liver DTXr contains important herbs and nutrients that supports liver function and rejuvenate hepatic cells, enhance the production and release of toxic-laden bile from the liver. Liver MGRx provides the best known daily membrane Phase I and cytosol Phase II detoxification support for the liver and the other body's filtration systems.

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    The liver carries out a multitude of major bodily functions on a continuous basis. The liver efficiently processes an incredible amount of blood. When the liver's efficiency is impaired, many of these functions are not carried out correctly. Toxins are no longer clathrated or filtered out efficiently and may build up in the body, as well as the byproducts of protein metabolism. This can lead to serious and sometimes fatal disease. But checked in time, a diseased or failed liver stands a good chance of healing very well.
The Liver Regenerates Itself 
    The liver clathrates and filters out toxic materials before they accumulate and cause damage to many systemic functions. The liver produces bile to break down fats, regulates blood sugar by storing excess sugar until needed for energy, produces many proteins, including hormones and blood clotting factors, stores the body's vitamin A, D, E and K. The liver cleanses the toxins we absorb from the air that we breathe and the food and water we consume, and clears the blood of infectious organisms and bacteria that cause incalculable problems for almost every organ in our bodies. When the liver's efficiency is impaired, the toxins are no longer filtered out efficiently and may build up in the body, adversely affecting virtually all of our bodily functions.

Liver DTX
Liver DTX

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